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Anastasia’s Story

Anastasia is proof that you’re never too young to make a difference. The Simi Valley second grader wanted to help kids who had a mom or dad with cancer, so she had a bake sale featuring her own homemade cookies.

“We made Christmas sugar cookies,” says Anastasia, age seven. “At first I put up a booth in front of my house, but nobody came, so then I went around my neighborhood with my mom and sold the cookies for twenty-five cents each.”

When Anastasia told her mom, Jessica, that she wanted to donate her proceeds to kids affected by cancer, Jessica asked around and learned about the Cancer Support Community’s Kids Circle group.  

Kids Circle is a support group for children and teens who have a family member with cancer. Led by professional therapist Joyce Boucher, LCSW, MFT for the past 20 years, the group is offered free of charge thanks to our donors and grant funders.

Anastasia got to make her donation in person last month when her mom brought her in for a visit.

She got to watch the talent show the group had been planning, and each Kids Circle member made an introduction and shared how cancer had affected their family.

Anastasia shared that both her great-grandmothers had died of cancer. 

“I was impressed by not only her kindness but also how she proudly presented the gift of money and articulated her intention,” said Program Director Kayo Matsumoto. “What a wonderful moment to witness!”

“I know that cancer is the main disease around the world, and I don’t want kids to be on their own during this tough journey,” said Anastasia.

An avid artist, Anastasia is considering selling her paintings for her next fundraiser. 

We want to thank Anastasia for showing us that it’s never too early to give the gift of hope. 

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