Cancer Support Groups and Individual Cancer Counseling

Cancer Support Groups

Our Cancer Support Groups are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals (not peer lead groups) who specialize in supportive cancer care. The groups are designed to allow those with cancer, as well as their family and friends, to share concerns, information, resources, and most of all, emotional and social support.

Many options to Support People with Cancer 

Support for Cancer Caregivers and Families

“It is such a comfort to be with others who truly understand my experience in a way that my loving family and friends cannot. I learn so much from my fellow group members, of both a practical and profound nature. I give and receive support.” 

– Kathy MacDonald, member of a People with Cancer Group

Networking Groups for BOTH People with Cancer & Caregivers 

Kids & Family Cancer Support Groups 

Please visit our Calendar to view the dates and times of the Cancer Support Groups through our supportive cancer care community, or contact us.

Individual Counseling

Many of our participants find Individual counseling to be extremely helpful during their cancer journey. 

We offer short-term Individual Counseling (approximately 8 sessions) offered to persons diagnosed with cancer and/or their families.

As with Cancer Support Groups, your individualized counseling journey begins by first attending a Newcomer Welcome Orientation.