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Leah and Bill

Time, talent, treasure. These are the three categories that come up when people talk about nonprofit service. When it comes to Bill Aitchison and Leah Roschke, their talent is the treasure.

By donating their professional talents, graphic designer Leah Roschke and art director Bill Aitchison have allowed us to save money over the years. A considerable amount of money. Money that we’ve been able to use to help people facing cancer. 

Leah and Bill truly believe in our mission, because they have seen it in action. Their belief in CSCVVSB translates into beautiful graphics and videos that tell our story in a powerful way – allowing even more people to benefit from our programs.

Their contribution is part of a legacy of service that honors Mark Roschke, who, along with his wife Andrea, found hope and support at the Cancer Support Community.

Meet Leah Roschke

When her brother, Mark, was diagnosed with brain cancer, it was Leah who took him to his first support group meeting at CSCVVSB (then called The Wellness Community). “He really didn’t want to go but it made him feel better about things and he left in a better place than when he went in,” remembers Leah.

When Mark’s wife Andrea (our current Board Chair) volunteered to chair the Holiday Homes Tour years ago, she enlisted Leah, a seasoned graphic designer, to create the printed program and other marketing pieces.

It’s a labor of love that Leah has continued to contribute for several years. She has also donated her talents to special events like the “Dear Cancer, It’s Me” Essay Contest.

“It’s an honor to give my time as a graphic designer to such a wonderful cause that helped my brother so much while he battled cancer,” says Leah. “It’s so wonderful to be part of such a dedicated team. I love going on the Holiday Homes Tour and seeing people paging through the program book I helped put together.”

An experienced graphic designer who is passionate about the arts, education and nonprofits, Leah owns StudioGrafik Design and has worked with clients such as the University of San Diego, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the California Center for the Arts. Learn more at

Meet Bill Aitchison

Bill has worked in the creative services field for more than 30 years, providing art and creative direction to brands such as Pepsi, DIRECTV, Cigna, Bank of America and many more.

Mark Roschke is Bill’s brother-in-law, and is also the reason he got involved with CSCVVSB. “Mark’s wife, Andrea, wasn’t able to go with him to his support group one night, so I went instead,” recalls Bill. “I was so amazed at the level of counseling and emotional support they offered to the patients and caregivers.”

When he saw how CSCVVSB helped Mark and Andrea, Bill wanted to help the organization, so he got together with his writing partner and a producer friend to create several television commercials to help spread the word about CSCVVSB. He and his writing partner went on to create the marketing materials for the Holiday Homes Tour three years in a row. He has also contributed countless flyers and several newsletters and logos.

Bill and his wife Edie also volunteer at CSCVVSB fundraisers like the Holiday Homes Tour and the Gala.

“I’ve lost both my parents, a grandmother, three aunts, several friends, and my brother-in-law Mark to cancer,” says Bill. “I want to do whatever I can to rid this planet of this horrible disease. If donating my time and talent helps in some small way, I’m happy to do it.”

Learn more about Bill at

We are always looking for creative professionals to help us devote more of our funds to cancer support programs. Want to learn how you can help? Head over to our contact page and submit a volunteer support request.